Ultrasonic Fish Deterrent

The following photos illustrate USP installation for the purpose of providing Ultrasonic Fish Deterrent in source water for Power Plants.  The ultrasonic transducers are can be aligned in such a way as to create an invisible fence of ultrasound waves and cavitation that the fish will chose not too swim through.


This solution has been put in place for several Power Plant Facilities that previously had issues collecting sea water and gathering fish in the process.  Each implementation has been successful in stopping fish from crossing the underwater boundary.  The MORKO USP had been installed at:

  1. Haripo Power Plant in Bangladesh.
  2. Samchenpo Power Plant in South Korea.
  3. Seochen Power Plant in South Korea.

Mortenson Companies is currently in discussions with the California Department of Water Resources to provide a solution to the Delta Smelt.






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