Client Testimonials: Dae Young Machine Co.


Our company manufactures food machinery and is well known in Korea.

The types of machines are sterilizers, extractors, concentrators, reactors and evaporators. One company of our customer that produce blackberry juice have used our concentrator and evaporator in their process and recently requested us to find a solution for reducing scale buildup in the machines. We found a technology using ultrasonic for the purpose and have tested USP to the evaporator.

The result was better than our expectation. As the result, the company expects that they can clean the evaporator one time per 3 or 4 months period, not 15 days like former time. They also expect that they can increase their production and save their energy for heating.

So I am now actively recommending to use USP with our machines, concentrators and evaporator, to our existing and new customers.

Byoung-Dae Park
President of Daeyoung Machines Co.


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