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SK Energy | SK Energy located in Ulsan, South Korea has a crude oil refining capacity of 840,000 barrels/day.

I reported some information from the Ministry of Industry and Energy about energy saving to my superiors. The information include that the USP was granted award from Prime Minister, and some application results from other oil refinery companies. But no one interested in my report.

After many of my requests about application of USP, my superiors barely accepted test of 8 USP units. The result was really good.
After the test, the tubes of the tube plate in USP installed heat exchanger are very clean. They are in striking contrast to the others. This means the heat exchanging effect and bunker-c oil’s flow speed was increased because of fouling removal! But, when I reported the result, my team-boss said that GS-Caltex, our competitor, has already applied USP units to their heat exchangers, so we need to find other way without USP because of our company’s reputation.

I thought that it was a preposterous and absurd answer. Is a little prestige really more important than our company’s large profit by increased productivity and a huge energy saving? But I couldn’t do anything.

Two years later, I met my new team-boss. The boss held my report in his hand. I will never forget his smile at that moment. He said “Mr. Park, get me a more detailed report about this USP application for all our production processes.”

I believe that a wise man’s decisions can change the value of a company. This is how our relationship with Morko USP started. I am thankful for its good result. I wish your company much growth.

J. W. Park
Production-Team Engineer
SK Energy


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