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S-Oil | S-Oil located in Seoul, South Korea has a crude oil refining capacity of 520,000 barrels/day.

At first, I worried about damages to heat exchanger when Mr. Heo, my colleague, introduced the idea of the USP product to our heat exchangers. We use U-band type heat exchangers so that the space was too narrow and the tubes may interfere with each other. But I installed USP to the heat exchanger and tested it with him because I could feel his strong confidence.

The result was really surprising! The delta P loaded to the heat exchanger was far lower than all other heat exchangers without a USP. This means the working fluid in the heat exchanger flows well due to the removal of fouling, and the energy efficiency of the heat exchanger is increased. We also saved a lot of money on energy. It also could lead to cost saving by reducing downtime for cleaning.

There are no harmful damages to any of the heat exchanger by USP during last 4 years. I really believe USP can be applied to wide range of industrial fields including oil refinery.

S. K. Song
Dept. of Refinery Processing


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