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GS-Caltex located in Yeosu, South Korea has a crude oil refining capacity of 790,000 barrels/day.

My technical team has been awarded “Best Energy Conservation Department” due to USP application. At first when I introduced this equipment in 2003, no one in GS-Caltex wanted to try it in their department because it was new. But my team decided to apply for a periodical experiment. We installed 4 sets of USP to Pre-Heat Exchanger of CDU.

As a result, it has brought energy savings of $800,000(USD) for 2 cell-per-year by the additional 8°C heat pick up, and the improvement of an average of 4°C CIT. We could not believe these test results! The next day I sent a report about our exciting findings to our superiors.

The first year we applied 60 sets of USP to 30 units of Heat Exchangers and could get energy savings of about $12,000,000. And after, the annual budget for 100 sets more per year has been implemented. Also, Caltex in Singapore now apply the USP to their field.

Thanks for Morko & USP.

H. K. Lee
Energy Technology Team
GS-Caltex Corp.



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