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Hyundai Oil Bank | Hyundai Oil Bank is a petroleum and refinery company with its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. It was established in 1991 by two entities: the Keukdong Refinery and the family group Hyundai KIA Automotive Group. It primarily manufactures oil products.

We installed 8 Sets of USP on oil refinery line No.3 by Supervisor’s instructions in August 2005. Test results were very good, especially for energy savings and reducing downtime. These are essential elements for our company since we have the smallest production facilities in Korea. I hope that it can be applied to many other processes in my company.

In 2009, we apply it even more for energy savings and because of nation’s policies. But my company hesitates to invest too many now because worldwide economic condition is still bad. I think that this crisis is our chance. If we invest now, we will be ahead when international businesses recover, and we will have enough competitive power against other companies when the economy will stabilizes.

Finally, I want to express gratitude to Morko who has developed USP.

S. I. Park
Engineering Team/ Hyundai Oil Bank


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