CASE Study: GS-Caltex

In a recent test case at a GS-Caltex Facility.  The Morko USP was installed on #1 CDU, Crude Pre-Heat Exchanger.  For the test they ran 12 months to compare inlet and outlet temperatures and compared them to the adjacent line without the USP installed.



  • Heater coil inlet temperature (CIT) difference: from -4°C to +4°C.  Additional 8°C of heat in the unit with Morko USP installed.
  • Savings calculated at $800,000 USD per year.
  • GS-Caltex plans to install USP on all of their additional CDU heat exchangers

Read Testimonial from Management at GS-Caltex.

After the case study, GS-Caltex ordered 60 sets of the Morko USP and applied them to 30 Heat Exchangers.  This resulted in energy savings of roughly $12,000,000 in the first year. The have now budgeted to purchase 100 sets per year.



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